“How Long Is This Item” - the simple question that is anything but simple!

“How Long Is This Item” - the simple question that is anything but simple!

How long is this item?

This may sound like a question with a simple answer, but so many factors need to be considered when it comes to the length of a garment. Hopefully I can help answer your questions about garment length and give you some confidence when shopping online! 

Let’s have a look at the Aurora Dress (pictured). I’ve had people ask several times why I have put two different dresses under one listing, to then be surprised to find out that it is in fact the same dress.


But why does it looks so different?


Let’s start with the most simple factor first:

Height: I (Danika) measure in at a pocket sized 163cm whereas the gorgeous Alex stands tall at 182cm. This is an almost 20cm difference in height, so it’s easy to see why there is such a big difference in hem length between the two of us


Size: As a dress is graded up or down a size, the hem length is adjusted. A size 8 dress will generally be shorter than a size 14 dress which is shorter than a size 22 dress etc

The Aurora Dress hem will increase by 1-2cm per size from waist to hem, with the size 8 being approximately 47cm from waistline to hemline down the front, and the size -2 being approx 51cm

So even if Alex and I were the same height, the length would be different due to our dress size difference. And if we were the same dress size but different heights, it will probably look shorter on the one with the longer legs (Which is not me 😂 It’s rarely me!) 


Body shape and proportions: Body shape can have a huge impact on how an item fits us. You could have two people who are the same height, wearing the same size dress, and it may still appear longer on one. Why?

Body shape will dictate how much fabric is required to cover surface area. Wider hips, the shape of your stomach and even your booty will dictate how much fabric is required to cover your body. If you have more junk in your trunk than someone wearing the same size, you will find that the dress will appear shorter on you as more fabric will be used to cover your peach 🍑

Torso length and leg length also come into play. A longer torso may require a larger size so there is enough fabric to cover you from hollow to hem


As every single body varies, online shopping can be stressful, not knowing what size to order. At Ciao Bella Dresses, majority of our items are “easy fit”, with flowy or stretchy fabrics, elastic and drawstrings, meaning the garments are more easily adjusted to your body shape. Most items are generally a consistent size, and if not, this will be noted in the description of the item. I always suggest that if you are worried, take the plunge, order some items and once you know what size you wear in Ciao Bella clothes, you will generally be safe ordering that size in the future (just always be sure to read the description!)

You would be amazed at how many people tell me they have a “weird” body shape, to then go ahead and fall in love with the Ciao Bella range and come back again and again (there is no such thing as a weird body shape, you may just be shopping at the wrong place or buying the wrong styles fit wise)

My measurements are also available on each page, but please keep in mind all of the above. You will note that on the standard Aussie sizing chart, I am a 16 on top and an 18-20 on the bottom, however in real life I am a 12 on top and a 14-16 on the bottom and wear these sizes in almost all of the garments I stock. I would say this is due to my height - had I inherited the 6ft genetics that my siblings did my sizing would be very different, however I stopped growing after my 12 year old growth spurt. I think the universe realised I had more than enough sass to make up for my shorter stature

I hope this helps clear up the question of why “how long is this item” is never a simple answer. For any help with sizing, read the description on individual items and choose your size based on my feedback, and for any other questions, reach out via PM or email

As always, thank you for supporting my small Aussie business, and allowing me to do what I love whilst watching my family grow



Aurora Mini Dress - Cinnamon

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