Meet the (One Woman!) Team

Hi, I’m Danika, and I started Ciao Bella Dresses in 2019 after lamenting to my husband about how all of the models on my favourite websites were 6 foot tall and a size 8, and how clothes look different when you’re 5 foot three and a curvy size 12/14 with a Mum tum

I told him I wished that some models look like me… or maybe I should start my own website. He said “well why don’t you?” and so here we are!

With the average clothing size of the Australian woman being a size 16, I thought it was ridiculous how many labels alienate half the population by stopping at a size 14/16. I am continuously seeking out labels that extend to more sizes, with many of the labels I stock going up to a size between 18-30

As a mum to 3 small boys, I tend to stock styles that are functional and comfy, but I am also aware of not losing myself in motherhood, so the styles tend to be just a tad on the extra side. And after 7 years of breastfeeding my kids, I automatically gravitate towards breastfeeding friendly styles, so many styles are breastfeeding and/or bump friendly

As I work from home and base my hours around my hectic family, Ciao Bella Dresses is 100% online. All orders are packed at our family home in the southwest corner of WA, and posted from our small country post office - small business at it’d finest! As a member of a small supportive community, I am always looking out for ways to support others, in the way of sponsorship of local sports teams, prize donations for local fundraising events and donations to various foundations close to my heart. So when you shop with Ciao Bella Dresses, you’re not just supporting my family, but the wider community

In the world with the Internet at our fingertips I understand that there are thousands of similar boutiques to choose from and I appreciate every single order that comes our way. I know that you are able to spend your money elsewhere, so from the bottom of my heart, Thank You, I appreciate you!

🩷 Danika