Size Guide

Choosing your size when online shopping

Ciao Bella Dresses was started because I got sick of buying things online and them not even being close to fitting me. Sizing descriptions were generic, photos were photoshopped beyond recognition and items were mostly modelled on beautiful people who were several sizes smaller and half a foot taller than me. Australia also does not have a standard sizing chart that each label adheres to, therefore making online shopping even harder!

Therefore I am doing my best to take the guess work out of online shopping. I find once people make one purchase and figure out how their sizing correlates to my own, they are a lot more comfortable making (many) more future purchases

As sizing can vary between labels and styles, I recommend reading the description on each item before purchasing. As body shape, fabric, style of clothing etc affect how an item fits, it is hard to order one size across the board and expect it to fit. For example - in highwaisted jeans with a curvy butt, I wear a size 14 as the waist band sits above my wide hips and the curvy butt accommodates my caboose. However if I were to buy a slim fit, low cut pair of jeans, I will struggle to get them over my thighs and will need to choose several sizes up in order to button them up

So to make the process easier, please check the description of each item. I personally try on each item and gives feedback on fit and feel.

Now for my stats - I am 163cm tall. I wear a size 12 top and size 14 bottom. I will generally wear a size 12 in dresses, flowy skirts and tops, and a 14 in jeans, fitted pants and slim fit skirts (sometimes a 16). I wear a 12F bra.

I try to only stock labels that are true to size, but will note if the sizing is off. 

Please message me if you have any questions!

I have included a standard Australian sizing chart below. Please note that this is a guide only, and your size will vary based on your body shape. For example, my measurements dictate that I am a size 16-18 top and size 20 bottom based on these measurements, yet I wear a size 12-14 in over 90% of the items stocked

Before purchasing, please check through your wardrobe to see which size you wear in majority of your clothes, and using that as your base size. Then read the description I have provided on each item, and choose your size based on my feedback

How to Measure

Use a soft dressmakers tape measure, if one is not available, use a string to measure yourself then measure the string against a builders tape measure

When measuring, hold the tape measure firmly in place, but not to the point that it cuts into your skin. Ensure it is level all the way around your body